Resources I Use To Follow Cryptocurrency

Today, I wanted to share some links to resources I’ve been using to learn about cryptocurrency.

Obviously, I’ll continue to discover more valuable resources of information as I keep learning, so I’ll probably make a Resources tab on the site soon.


If you aren’t familiar, Reddit is a social site where people can create topic-based discussion sections of the site called Subreddits. Users can subscribe to these subreddits in order to engage in discussion about the topics they are interested in. Each subreddit is made up of what are called threads.

It’s not a crypto-specific site, but pretty much every cryptocurrency out there has a Reddit.

This has by far been my favorite way to learn. It’s a great way to see what communities are saying about their coins of choice, and it’s also a great way to see how big and how active the communities are behind each coin because Reddit shows the number of subscribers for each subreddit as well as the number of people online at any given time.

A couple of things to watch out for on Reddit:

  1. Fake news — be sure to actually go verify claims made by people, or ask them to provide proof of their claims. If it’s unclear if they are making a claim about something, ask them if they are speculating or not.

  2. “Hypesters” — these are people who get in on certain coins (usually obscure altcoins) very early and buy a ton of it. Then, they hype up the coin everywhere online (Reddit, YouTube, etc.) so others will go buy in. After they cause the price to pump up, they sell for a huge profit and you lose your money. Anytime someone says their coin of choice is going “TO THE MOON” be sure to ask them why they think so, and ask them to provide evidence for their claim.

Useful Subreddits

The Bad Crypto Podcast

I love this podcast, and listen to it almost daily. It’s definitely better than mine. It’s highly entertaining and informative, and it’s also very friendly to people who aren’t so technical. I highly recommend it!

CoinDesk & Crypto Coins News

CoinDesk and Crypto Coins News are two of the top news sites that provide daily updates about all things cryptocurrency. You’ll find a lot of breaking news and announcements on these sites.

Got other resources?

If you’ve stumbled upon other helpful crypto resources, please comment and let me know! I’d love to compile them into a Resouces page on this site.


I am not responsible for your money. Please do your own due diligence when considering investing in anything I mention on this site, even if I'm really excited about it myself.

Written on November 14, 2017